Coffee Shop Essentials

by Mandy Cho September 21, 2016

Coffee Shop Essentials

So you finally realize that you've been spending 90% of your monthly salary on coffee. Good for you! Suddenly the mystery of the missing money in your wallet is solved. But oh, you begin to ponder of the possibility of opening your own coffee shop so you can bask in the rich, sweet aroma (and taste) of coffee while earning from sharing coffee with people. We give you two thumbs up for that.

Opening your own coffee shop does have its pros and cons so we're here to give you a few tips to help you avoid a few common pitfalls:

Find the Perfect Coffee Partner:

Finding the perfect coffee partner is crucial if you want your coffee shop to be successful. Do your research, look for coffee roasters, study their products, and set meetings to know more about the various policies, education, services, discounts, and technical services that they can offer. If you want to go solo, all you need is a source of excellent-quality coffee beans. If you're the type of cafe owner who wants help with the maintenance, support and training, then look for someone who is willing to give you those things. It's all about being clear with what you want, and finding the coffee partner that fits the criteria.

Research is Key:

What coffee blends should you offer? Do you need coffee servers? What kind? Are there specific types of espresso cleaners that you need for your coffee shop? You will find the answers to these questions by doing research. Pay a visit to the coffee shops in your neighborhood and keep a close eye on the equipment, price list, menu, and the relationship they have with their customers. By merely observing, you will also know how people want their coffee and what the popular flavors are.

Be Creative with the Name:

Think of a catchy name for your coffee shop. It has to be something that a lot of people can relate to, and it must be in line with the image that you want for your coffee shop. It can be serious and classy to attract the professionals, or it can be fun and quirky to attract the students. You have the freedom to choose the name for as long as it does a swell job in reeling those customers in, and giving them something to talk about in their social media accounts.

Know Where to Source Your Coffee:

This can be quite tricky and thank goodness there's an online coffee shop that's packed with all of the items that you will need for your coffee shop. Home of Coffee is a one stop online coffee shop that sells wholesale coffee, organic coffee, flavored coffee, decaf coffee, and other unique coffee blends. They also sell whipped cream supplies, fine tea, coffee servers, espresso cleaners, and other coffee accessories.

Whip up your signature coffee blend with the different goodies from Home of Coffee! Visit their website to know more!

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